What type of skateboards are there? Which is best for beginners?

Skateboarding is a sport that is loved by many people. Therefore, the demand to buy skateboards also increased. Skateboards are increasingly diverse and rich with many different types and models. This makes it difficult for those who are just starting to practice skateboarding.

But choosing to buy a skateboard will become simpler and easier when you read the information we share below!

What type of skateboards are there?


This is the most common and popular type of wooden skateboard. It has a curved design at the top and sunken in the middle. The tail and top of the skateboard are rounded. The surface of the board is made of plywood. The size of the skateboard is 20x78cm. Wheels are made of rubber and are available in sizes 50 to 54mm.

Skateboards are often used to practice trick, ollie, skatepark or slide on city terrain. Skateboard cakes are quite diverse. There are special cakes for bad roads such as bricks, sidewalks, asphalt,…

Cruiser Board

The Cruiser Board surface is made of plywood with an average size of 19x68cm. The shape of Cruiserboard has many different types. The tail is usually curved and square, and the top is usually flat and pointed. The wheel is quite soft with a size of 59mm.

Cruiserboard has a compact and lightweight design so it is easy to carry. The wheels are big and soft, so it moves very smoothly. It does not cause annoying noise, so it is suitable in cases where you have to move a lot. When you ride on rough road surfaces, it is easy to roll over small stones without worrying about getting stuck.


The structure of Longboard is similar to Skateboard. The surface of the board is made of plywood. Soft wheels with dimensions of 70mm or more. Longboarding is often used for walking, downhill. You can even use it to practice tricks like skateboarding.

Longboard also has 3 types:

  • Pintail allows you to fly well and carve sharp turns.
  • Twin Tip is more suitable when sliding on slopes because it has good traction and grip.
  • The Cruiser Longboard has taller trucks and larger wheels. You can rotate and control it easily with it.

Penny skateboard

The advantage of Penny skateboard is that it has a colorful design as a fashion accessory. Penny skateboard designs are also extremely diverse, so that players can freely choose the right product.

Not only having good quality, Penny skateboards are also popular with young people. Because it has an extremely unique and outstanding design, impressive.

Which is best for beginners?

For new players, choosing the right skateboard plays an important role. This affects their training and results.

When choosing a skateboard, you should consider your favorite type of skateboard and your budget. There are many types of skateboards suitable for beginners. You must prioritize choosing the type of board that suits you best.

In order to know which type is right for you, you need to determine the genre you will slide towards. Do you want to skate like a road or will specialize in technique. Because each type of board has its own dedicated function.

Once you have chosen the right skateboard, the next thing you need to consider is the specifications of the skateboard. The size of the skateboard must fit your feet so that you can easily adjust and move the skateboard. It’s better to try out each type of skateboard to get a real review to make a decision about which one to choose.


We hope that the information we have shared in this article will be useful to you. Choose to buy a skateboard to start skateboarding practice. Wish you choose to buy the best and most suitable skateboard products!