How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost? 2020 Prices And Models!

I’d be lying if I said electric skateboards didn’t cost a lot…

Doing a simple search on Amazon will show you that an electric skateboard like the Blitzart, which has a rating of 3.5 stars overall, will cost you almost $300.

Some boards are even cheaper, but most boards cost more than $500, especially if they are from well-known brands.

There are so many different shapes and sizes of electric skateboards! Their prices change, too.

You can buy a cheap board from Amazon for $100, or you can buy a brand-new Carbon GTR from Evolve for $2,000.

Buying a board for the first time can be hard because the prices vary so much.

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve made a list of all the different electric skateboard models and how much they cost.

Let’s get started!

Electric Skateboard Prices And Costs: Examples
RazorX – $150

This was the least expensive adult electric skateboard I could find right now.

It can be bought on Amazon for $150. You’ll pay $239 if you buy from the RazorX website.

There aren’t many good reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviews are negative, and the average review score is 3 out of 5 stars.

Most customers said they had a great time riding the board for the first week or two, but then it broke and never worked again.

When you buy a board like this for so little money, you almost expect the quality to let you down.

Blitzart Huracane Electric – $289

Blitzart is a brand that a lot of people know about.

They aren’t the most popular, but they have a lot of cheaper options.

Most of their boards, like the Huracane, cost just under $300. This is a very tempting price for parents who don’t want to spend $1,000 on a Boosted board but still want to buy their kids a board for Christmas.

Blitzart also sells on Amazon. Again, I read the reviews, and the Huracane got 3.5 stars out of 5. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.

Most people had great experiences with the board and gave it 5 stars. But a few did say that the board and the connection to the remote did end up not working. One reviewer said that his board “got stuck at full speed, sending me into intersections.”


Ownboard W1S – $369

Ownboard is a Chinese brand of electric skateboards that doesn’t get enough attention.

Don’t be fooled by the low price and “Chinese” quality… These skateboards are the best on the market and can compete with brands like Boosted and Evolve.

A few years ago, I bought an Ownboard, and that thing was a beast! Even when it was raining, I could get to and from school and the train station.

The Ownboard W1S can go up to 24 mph and has a range of 14 miles.

Ownboard might be for you if you’re on a tight budget and want a good electric skateboard or longboard.

Meepo V3 – $409

Another top-notch electric skateboard made in China.

For $409, you get a top speed of 28 mph and a range of 20 miles. Incredible…

For this price, you get quite a lot for your money.

Usually, you’ll have to pay $450 for a board that isn’t made of crap. I think this is a great deal.

Maxfind Max 4 – $529

Yes… Chinese company… once more.

puts up some pretty good numbers. A top speed of 25 mph, a range of almost 16 miles, and a 30 percent grade!

The bad English and grammar on Maxfind’s site is what turns me off.

It doesn’t look professional, and I sometimes wonder if the company knows what they’re doing.

Even so, the company seems to be in good shape because the reviews on Maxfind boards are great.

Skatebolt Tornado Pro – $599

Aside from what I found online, I don’t know much about the Skatebolt brand.

But it looks like a very good board and brand. It has a top speed of 25 mph, a range of 22 miles, 4 speed modes, and a maximum incline of 25%.

Not at all bad…

Also, the reviews seem to be pretty good, but I did see a few complaints about problems with the batteries and remote controls.

No matter what, it seems like a very good choice at a good price.

Boosted Mini S – $749

We hit a Boosted Board at last.

Boosted is the most popular electric skateboard brand, and every kid has it on their Christmas list.

The Mini S is their cheapest option, coming in at $749.

Unlike some of the cheaper options on this list, the board doesn’t have the best features.

With a top speed of only 18 mph and a range of only 7 miles, I’m not sure why I would buy a smaller, shorter, and more expensive Mini S in the first place…

Boosted Plus – $1,399

The first electric skateboard from Boosted, which gets updated every few years. With a long, flexible deck, it is very easy and fun to ride.

A $1,400 board that comes highly recommended… This board can go 22 mph, but it can only go 7 miles.

Boosted is pretty expensive, but it’s still one of the best cards in the game.

Boosted Stealth – $1,599

This Boosted board is the bigger brother of the Plus. It can go 24 mph and has a range of 14 miles.

Even though they cost $1,599, these boards are probably the safest on the market, and you can also download an app for IOS and Android. With the app, you can get software updates that will make your board go faster and last longer on a single charge.

You can also use the app to track your range, battery life, how long you just rode, etc.

I’m sure that some of the extra money for the Boosted price pays for the other amenities…

Evolve Carbon GT – $1,999

Evolve is the best electric skateboard you can get.

There are two different sets of wheels for the Carbon GT. You can buy street wheels or wheels that can go on any surface. Or, you can buy both of them with the board for $2,249.

The range is the coolest thing about Evolve e-boards.

20 mile range? Nope… try going up?

25 miles? Try again…

Let’s try 31 miles (for the street version).

And because it only weighs 21 pounds, that’s crazy…

Very expensive, but if you have the cash, go for it!

How Much Should I Spend For An Electric Skateboard?

Anything that costs less than $300 is of very low quality, doesn’t work well, and gets bad reviews.

So what does that mean?

If you really want a good electric skateboard, you’ll have to pay for it.

How much?

I’d say you can get pretty good brands like Ownboard, Meepo, Maxfind, and a few others for at least $400.

Don’t be afraid to eat Chinese food if it will save you money. Many of these boards will work even better than well-known brands…

Before you buy, the most important thing to do is research and read reviews.

Open an Excel spreadsheet, type in the board, price, top speed, and range, and see what works best for you.

If you really want a pricey board, there might be ways to pay for it. Companies like Boosted and Evolve do let you pay back a board like you would an auto loan.

For example, a $1,399 Boosted Plus can be paid off for as little as $85 a month. Most of the time, financing options come in 6 month, 12 month, and 18 month packages. Only thing is that you’ll have to pay a little extra in interest.

After buying an electric skateboard, there are other costs.

When you buy a new e-board, you might think you’re safe.

But once you own the board, you might have to pay for other things.


Accessories for electric skateboards are like getting a case and new airpods for your iPhone.

And if your friend comes in riding with something new and cool, like e-board lights, you’ll probably want them, too.

There are a lot of different kinds of accessories:

  • Helmets
  • Lights
  • Deck Skins
  • Converters (for regular skateboards)
  • Padding
  • Backpacks
  • Carrying Cases
  • And Much More!

If you’re a simple person, you might just want to stick to the e-board and some safety gear (to keep you safe of course).

You can save a little money that way.

To enjoy riding, you don’t need a million bells and whistles.


I hate to say it, but things break and nothing lasts forever.

Still more bad news?

Technology and things that use electricity tend to break even more quickly.

Consider it… Your electric skateboard has a high-end battery, a motor, and a lot of electrical parts.

Not only that, but you’ll be riding it at high speeds and in bad weather, and you’ll hit a lot of bumps and cracks in the road.

Your board will break at some point.

There are a few things you can do if your board doesn’t work.

Most expensive option – Buy a new board all the way through. It’s fun to look for a new board, but it could cost you $1,000 or more, depending on what you find.

Cheaper option – Get new pieces. You can bring your board back to life by fixing whatever is broken. It’s cheaper than buying a new board for sure (unless your broken board is super expensive and you wish to downgrade to a cheaper board). Just look on the manufacturer’s website for the parts you need and fix the damage yourself.

Cheapest option – Nothing needs fixing. It’s free, but you can’t ride, which isn’t very fun.

Do yourself a favor and fix up your board, you won’t regret it!


Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost nothing to charge your electric skateboard.

There’s a reason why you pay your electric bill every month. But how much you pay will depend on how much electricity you use.

And every time you charge your board, the electric company makes a little bit more money.

But how much does it cost to charge your e-board?

It depends on a number of things, including:

  • Battery Size
  • Manufacturer/Company
  • Model Board
  • Where You Live (Varying Electric Costs)

The average cost of electricity in the U.S. is $10.41 per kilowatt-hour.

But don’t worry, it will only cost a small fraction of that to charge your board every time it goes from empty to full.

The most it will cost you to charge the battery on your electric skateboard is 5 to 15 cents.

Not much to worry about, but hey, every dollar counts, right?

How much do the parts for an electric skateboard cost?

There are two reasons why riders change parts.

The first is for changes to style and performance.

The second is for fixing parts that are broken.

I’ve seen a lot of riders upgrade their wheels, which is one of the most popular things to do.

Wheels are like shoes… If you know anything about the sneakerhead scene, you know that everyone wants the newest Jordans.

But on skateboards, we have the Orangatang wheels, which are like Jordans. They are colorful, durable, and useful, and they can help you go faster and perform better than your standard wheels.

Depending on the brand, style, and size, electric skateboard wheels can cost anywhere from $20 to $160.

Here are some other commonly used upgrades and parts:

  • Trunks – Anywhere from $10-$90
  • Deck – Will range from $100-$400
  • Remote – $30 to $150
  • Bearings – $15 to $120
  • Batteries – $80 to $350
  • Lights – Around $100

One thing you should know is that the prices of all parts will depend on the board, brand, and model for which you are buying them.

Chinese companies will be much cheaper than Boosted or Evolve.

How to save money so you can buy an electric skateboard

We all know that electric skateboards aren’t cheap.

Just from this article, you know that you’ll need to spend at least $400 or more to get a good board.

The amount is a lot.

So how do you save money for it?

There are a lot of ways to do it…

If you save just $10 from each paycheck for two months, you’ll have $400 at the end of that time (assuming you only work weekdays).

You could also try selling your old board. If you have an electric skateboard that works and is in good shape, you might want to sell it to a friend or on eBay. There will always be someone who wants it. You can easily sell your old board for a few hundred dollars.

Find Deals And Discounts

Using discount codes is one of my best-kept secrets for saving a little bit of money.

When I want to buy something online, I quickly search Google for the product or company I want to buy from and the words “discount code.”

About half the time, I’ll find a coupon website that is still holding discount codes that I can use.

This is true for buying anything online, not just a new electric skateboard.

I was able to find a code that saved me $70 on my Ownboard Mini KT when I bought it.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself…

You can do this with almost any brand, including Boosted, Evolve, Inboard, Blitzart, WowGo, Meepo, and more.

Can I make payments on an electric skateboard?

I have good news for you if you’re still having trouble saving up for a board…

You can pay it back slowly!

Some companies, like Boosted and Evolve, let you pay for the boards over the course of 6–24 months with very little interest.

For example, you can buy the Boosted Stealth, which costs $1,599, for just $74 a month over 24 months. Only $174 in interest is due.

So, yes, there are ways to pay for the board over a longer time. Just make sure you can pay for it and keep making the payments!